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(Details on Snuffy Too will be posted within the next few weeks.  In the meantime, the link below has details of last years entry.)

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Welcome,  this website is dedicated to providing as much information as possible on how to build robots. 

It currently covers three subjects:

     How to build a simple beginning robot called "Ebot"; a project of our local robotics club, the Robotics Society of Southern California (RSSC)

     A description of my Firefighting robot, "Snuffy the Shamfire Slayer", which was built for the 2001 Trinity college firefighting contest.

     Some information on writing PID style control laws for robotic speed and steering control.  (NOTE:  this section has recently  (10/6/01) been totally rewritten and should be a big improvement on what I previously had)




Recent changes to this site include:

6 Oct 2001:  Total revision to PID tutorial section

5 Aug 2001:   added  a page on how to modify the hacked Cirrus servos for Ebot to incorporate optical encoders. 

1 Aug 2001: A little bit of reformatting on how to get to the sections of interest on the Ebot index page; and more pages added for Ebot on encoders, IR distance sensors and the tests (or contests). A new test/contest is proposed.

29 April 2002:  Added header for Snuffy Too.  New website URL and email address.

For any questions, comments, suggestions or corrections,  you can contact me at