The Ebot project plan

The project is scheduled to take 4 to 6 months. It will follow the outline below numbered in months (more or less).

1. The build process and schedule.

    Discuss platform types advantages & disadvantages.

    Discuss materials, where to get them & tools to build the platform

    Discuss rationale for servo type selection.

    Homework: Build a platform  and order servos


2. Hacking the servos

    Servo mounting brackets


    Attaching the wheels to the servo hubs.

     Castor layout & how to make castors.

    Homework: Do the hack on your servos

                          Buy wheels and attach them to servo hubs

                          Build servo mounting brackets

                         Make castor(s).


  1. Selecting a processor (emphasizing the ones that this group will support. E.g. Stamp)

Discussion of tradeoffs of commonly used processors

              Power supplies

              Homework:  Decide on a processor and order it.

                                     Decide on power supply. Get the parts

4. Wiring methods

     Soldering, protoboard, connectors, etc.

     Homework: Put it all together and wire it up

Power it up, or bring it in next month for inspection.


5. Making it run..programming

forward,backward turns

Homework: Program it to go specified distances, to stop and to make 90 and 180 degree pivot turns.


To be followed by adding new features and capabilities to the robot.    These may include, encoders, bumpers, other sensors,  and MOSTLY doing the programming to control the beast.  We should be able to arrange a series of informal "contests" to provide demonstration of the capabilities of your robots.